Tour Map

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  1. 6601 Talbot Hall Court 

    (Steven Hall and Robin Putnam, owners)

  2. 6621 Talbot Hall Court

    (Luke and Kathryn Suber, owners)

  3. 6631 Talbot Hall Court

    (Jim and Carol Forrester, owners)

  4. 6641 Talbot Hall Court

    (Billy and Judy Dashiell, owners)

  5. 6720 Talbot Hall Crescent

    (Michael and Wendy Holley, owners)

  6. 6741 Talbot Hall Crescent

    (Chris and Amy Kanter, owners)

  7. Tour headquarters: intersection of Talbot Hall Road and Talbot Hall Court

PARKING: On-street parking available in the adjacent neighborhood. Talbot Hall Court and Crescent will be closed to through traffic on tour day.

FACILITIES: Porta-potties available in the tour area

Ticket also includes admission to Norfolk Botanical Garden
(6700 Azalea Garden Rd.) and Virginia Zoological Park
(3500 Granby St.)