2017 – Ghent’s Historic Hague

Nestled on the banks of the Historic Hague are houses built in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Majestic homes are set within a quiet neighborhood featuring towering trees, cobblestoned streets, parks, and beautiful gardens. Each house on the tour featured a different turn of the century form of architecture and all are preserved and representative of Norfolk’s early elite society and their grandiose life style that included quiet dinners and lavish parties entertaining presidents, artists, and city notables.

The wrought iron railings on the walking bridge over The Hague have been “decorated” or “defaced” with locks of love – you be the judge! This peaceful waterway ends at the entrance to The Chrysler Museum of Art where Huntington’s statue, “The Torchbearers,” featuring a huge rearing horse with a rider reaching down to grab the torch from a tired runner, welcomes you to varied and valuable collections and exhibits.